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Tiny Flashlight


I wasn’t really in the market for a flashlight application. I mean come on, I could do the hello world of Xcode and have a perfectly fine app. But someone asked me to check this one out and I’m pretty shocked by what I found.

Tiny Flashlight, a FREE application in the app store, is a marvel in simplicity and functionality. Firing it up, you’re in flashlight mode where you can turn on the camera’s flaw with the tap of a button. The battery left on the device is also displayed so you can keep track of your power. There are also some other modes like emergency lights, warning lights, and adjustable color/brightness. The cop lights are great because you can scare people pretty easily. Just tilt the phone towards a wall outside the window of a friend. Good times.

I’m actually going to keep this one. I have over 500 apps on my phone and want to keep the number down, but this is definitely a keeper.

Check it out on the app store.

Available on the App Store

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